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An ethical approach to lettings

Discover property letting agents that plays by a new set of rules

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The only way is ethics

Our four values and what they mean.


Professionalism counts. It’s more than getting a deal struck. It’s about treating everyone’s property needs with the same regard, no matter what they need. Respect for all parties and their needs have cemented our reputation as an ethical agency and helped us grow every year since we started.

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Fairness to tenants and landlords breeds a better lettings business altogether. An equitable state of partnership where everyone wins. This is what attracts tenants and landlords to our agency and helps us retain the best staff.


Relationships matter. And they thrive when everyone knows what to expect. Transparency means we don’t hide behind jargon, patter or small print. We stay connected, act in a friendly way, and make sure everyone lives up to expectations.

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We develop every member of our staff to be leaders in an aspect of the business. We give them the chance to use initiative, undergo continuous development, and adopt the latest Proptech to stay connected. We value leadership because it helps us lead as ethical agents and give the best in landlord advice.

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